Introducing Freddie Watkins (Rehearsals Day 1)


My name is Freddie (playing Jack), I’m 19 with no theatre experience (although I did appear in the films Nativity! and Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger!) and, like the other young actors with limited theatre experience, naturally terrified. The first day of the rehearsal process, when you are in the room with the creative team about to do your first read through of the play, came with that classic mixture of emotion. You assume it’s going to be like boot camp from day one, and I know in the long run it will be, but at today’s first rehearsal it seemed calm; the sanity of the actors was definitely being looked after!

A meet and greet with members of the creative team, crew and staff from the theatre, followed by an introduction to the Directors’ vision, a run down of the previous 2011 production, and a viewing of the model box (followed later by the full sized one) all had an impact. Seeing things like half of a crashed plane on your first day really gives you instant perspective on what all this is amounting to. Put that together with some high level physical and vocal workshops, and that initial anxiety began to dwindle;  you’re ready to get stuck in! I get the feeling that it may be the calm before the storm…

3 responses to Introducing Freddie Watkins (Rehearsals Day 1)

  1. George Bukhari

    You are going to have a great creative master class with both directors and regent park Compnay ! Enjoy ! Look forward to seeing it !


  2. Brian Cantwell

    Just found this blog Freddie……….. so how about an update as you finish the run ? I’ve seen the show four times and you were all OUTSTANDING!!! Well done everyone, a really touching and emotive production and one that deserves awards and wider recognition.


  3. Maria parkhouse

    My daughter and I watched your enigmatic physical performance last night and your prescence on stage was excellent.good luck with the rest of the ‘flies’ tour.maria@bellingham


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