Introducing Luke Ward-Wilkinson (Rehearsals Day 1)


My name is Luke Ward-Wilkinson (playing Ralph), I am 22 years old and have recently moved from my home town of Cambridge to London. My primary focus has always been acting, and I have had a keen interest in working in theatre, although I have mostly done TV work so far including: Beautiful People, Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, Luther, and I spent a year and half in South Africa filming Wild at Heart. I am extremely humbled and appreciative for this wonderful opportunity; Lord of the Flies is my first professional theatre production.

The cast and crew seem really genuine and talented. After getting to know each other, Timothy Sheader (Director) talked us through what he wanted all of us to achieve in bringing this classic play to life. He and Liam Steel (Co-Director) expressed the reason why the audition process was so lengthy, they both needed to ensure the dynamics of the cast were correct, especially as we will all be travelling and touring together around the UK for 6 months.

During the first day, we all bonded through different exercises and team building games; these highlighted how much energy we will all have to bring to show as it is extremely physically demanding! Liam has assured us that our stamina is going to be pushed throughout the rehearsal process to ensure we are ready when the show opens.

I’ve never had so much fun on a first day rehearsal, and can’t wait to start blocking the scenes!

3 responses to Introducing Luke Ward-Wilkinson (Rehearsals Day 1)

  1. penny

    Well done luke. So good to read about your succss and will follow your blog to see how it all happens. Good luck. Penny


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