Preparing for the Tour (Freddie Watkins)

Yossi Goodlink and Freddie Watkins.

Yossi Goodlink and Freddie Watkins

There’s going to be a wonderful variety of places we’ll be taking the play; some places will be well versed in theatre, others less so. Both of these audiences have their own creative appeal. The show has got masses of action in it, so I can’t wait to see how everyone receives it. I’m excited for the matinee shows because they’re packed with school kids who we’ve had a great reception from so far. I remember studying the book in school and would’ve loved watching a play to give it some life. So I’m excited about (hopefully) spicing up some bored GCSE student’s revision.

I’m a complete art gallery nerd so that’s a big excitement for me. A new gallery every week. What more could you want?

As for home comforts I have deemed my little teapot a necessity. And with the requisite ego of a touring actor I’ve actually gone and bought a complete works of Shakespeare! I probably won’t even read it, it’ll just be for show. So yes: tea, reading, art galleries to unwind. That about sums my plans up.

One response to Preparing for the Tour (Freddie Watkins)

  1. I’m o delighted to see Freddie’s description of the play and his acting achievements. We’ll be seeing it in Cambridge. Delighted to see he visits art galleries for recreation !
    Avis Saltsman (a visual artist)


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