Me, Henry and Southampton (Dylan Llewellyn)

Dylan Llewellyn

My name is Dylan Llewellyn and I play Henry. I’ve had a lot of fun playing Henry; he’s very naive but loves his banter with everyone. He has some very funny lines like “there’s no 3G!” and “great banter”. Henry and Maurice (played by Michael Ajao)are the clowns of the group – but also the sheep. They follow whoever is the most exciting and strongest leader. I’m really enjoying my time on tour so far. It’s probably one of the most physical plays I’ve done so I feel very fit, which is good.

I can’t wait to perform at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton this week because it’s exciting to know that we’ll be just a 30 minute drive from Salisbury where William Golding taught at the Bishop Wordworth’s School, and where he wrote Lord of the Flies. So it’ll be very interesting to pay a visit to where it all started.

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