Edinburgh and playing Piggy (Anthony Roberts)

LORD OF THE FLIES by Golding, , Author - William Golding, Director - Timothy Sheader, Co-Director - Liam Steel, Designer - Jon Bausor, New Victoria Theatre, Woking, UK, Credit: Johan Persson - www.perssonphotography.com /

Anthony Roberts as Piggy in the UK Tour of Lord of the Flies

Hello theatre goers and Lord of the Flies enthusiasts alike. My name is Anthony Roberts and I’m currently playing Piggy on tour. This week’s stop is Edinburgh, arguably one of the most beautiful cities on the tour. So far it’s been a delight here. The air is fresher, the architecture is stunning and the people seem lovely. Coming to Edinburgh has also given me a chance to get back to my Scottish routes and the urge to buy something tartan has surprised me, although the idea of doing a warm-up in a kilt puts horrible images into one’s mind.

Yesterday I got the chance to visit the castle, which by the way is stunning. You need to be a real history fiend though if you want to get the most out of it. I learnt a lot about Scottish military heritage and enjoyed afternoon tea with friends. A very sophisticated afternoon if I do say so myself. It’s a pity Edinburgh is the only Scottish destination on the tour as I would have loved to have visited Glasgow, where I grew up, but Edinburgh is still amazing. I have friends coming to see me this week that I haven’t seen for a while which I’m very much looking forward to, and I’ve heard great things about the theatre, so I can’t wait to get in later today.

So far I’ve absolutely loved the tour and playing this amazing role. This is basically my professional debut as an actor, I’ve never done something this big before and a part of me still can’t believe I got a call back, let alone offered the role. It means so much to me to have been given this opportunity. The response I’ve been getting from the press has been somewhat flabbergasting; I never expected to receive the praise I’ve been given. It really means a lot and instils me with confidence as an actor. We’re not even halfway through the tour yet and I’m already worried about what happens when it’s over. Such is the life of a jobbing actor. But more than that, I’ve really bonded with the guys on tour and I’ve made some fantastic, lifelong friends. More often than not we’re all living together, so there’s a bit of anxiety over what happens when suddenly it’s all over, but I shan’t think about that too much for now. There’s still a long way to go.

I can’t wait to get back on stage tonight; I’ve got a feeling the audiences are going to be great. If you haven’t already booked you tickets I urge you to do just that. It really is a worthwhile trip that won’t disappoint.

Until my next blog,

Enjoy the show,


5 responses to Edinburgh and playing Piggy (Anthony Roberts)

  1. evamckennauk

    So proud of you Anthony! I can’t wait to watch you at the Lowry in December. Keep up the good work and keep the amazing reviews flooding in!


  2. deliciouswebdesign

    Anthony, have seen you twice now, Regents Park and High Wycombe, you are an outstanding actor and loved your subtle ‘touches’ that you bring to the part. Well done on your work so far, I am loving it and will be probably seeing the performance in Dublin this Saturday and then hopefully Leicester next year.


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