The Tour Continues (Yossi Goodlink)

Yossi Goodlink as Bill in Lord of the Flies

Yossi Goodlink as Bill in Lord of the Flies

My name is Yossi Goodlink and I play Bill in Lord of the Flies. I’m currently on my week off which, so far, has been spent purely sleeping and recovering. Our production is so physically demanding that the majority of us are constantly battling minor injuries, even now, a quarter of the way through the tour. It really does feel like I’m living two lives at the moment; one in the Lord of the Flies theatre world, and my normal life as a young man back home in London. This is my first acting job so I’m only beginning to work out a balance between the intensity of two show days (where you eat, sleep and breath just to be able to perform with full energy), and time off when I can attempt to get back into reality. However, after a few days off, crazily I’m missing chanting ‘kill the pig, spill its blood’. So I’m very excited to continue into the next leg of the tour.

Birmingham Rep, next stop; I’ve always heard about this venue as one of the most prominent British theatres for innovative and exciting theatre, and I very much hope we’ll continue that. Being on tour is different to most theatre jobs for a few reasons: living out of a suitcase really does suck, however, being able to perform in a new space each week is brilliant for us I think, as it pushes us to always keep it fresh and we discover new exciting moments in every new venue. The other great thing about a run this long is the opportunity for character development; all our characters go on quite extreme journeys throughout the piece, from innocent schoolchildren to essentially savages. My character Bill has very few lines on the page, which gives me the fabulous freedom to play with this journey as the piece changes and grows! Ready for another five months of hard work – bring on Birmingham Rep!

5 responses to The Tour Continues (Yossi Goodlink)

  1. Lyn goodman

    Having seen the play, Yossi, and knowing you, reading this felt like you were sitting opposite me talking to me. So physically demanding and requiring such mental energy, too, I think you’re an amazing bunch of boys. I’m proud of you! (Aunty) Lyn.
    Is this how one is meant to write on a blog?!


  2. Cathy Ward

    What a gripping description of your acting experience in Lord of the Flies, Yossi. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    And well done you for your commitment, dedication and talent -and for being involved in such an innovative challenging production!
    Cathy x


  3. Hilary Wainer

    This sounds wonderful enough for us to book to see the show! Cant wait. We’ll be at The Swan in High Wycombe on the 17th.
    Hilly and Alexander from Oxford.


  4. Helen

    Amazing to read your blog and see you in costume good luck over the next few months. We are so proud to know you. Helen Avi and Katti


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