The Last Show of 2015 and Merry Christmas (Anthony Roberts)


The Lowry in Salford, Manchester has always been a favourite theatre of mine, but the tour has added to its relevance with it being the closest theatre to my home town, Blackpool.

The pressure has been on this week for many reasons. It’s been a long time on the road and as our 100th show approaches the entire cast is naturally tired. To add to my worries my Agency, friends, parents and a coach party from my tennis club have all decided to come and watch me perform.

Opening night on Tuesday was honestly the most nervous I’ve felt before a show…ever! My agency was in to see me along with a casting director and a few friends that I trained with at drama school. The pressure was on and I felt like I was being judged more than supported. But it’s amazing what nerves can do to your performance nearly 100 shows in. I haven’t been feeling nervous about the show for a long time now and I honestly believe the nerves helped me improve in areas where I may have developed habits, be them good or bad. Everything felt fresher and I was finding new things and living in the moment, not an easy thing to do this far into a run. I think it may have been up there with one of my best performances on the tour, and my friends and agency loved the show.

Next were my parents who came to see me on Thursday evening. I was again naturally nervous, but with them not being huge theatre goers I honestly didn’t know what they were going to think of it. Thankfully they loved it and thought it was the best play they’ve seen.

My last and final hurdle to overcome, before a wonderful 5 week break, will be my friends from St Anne’s Lawn Tennis and Squash Club, all 24 of them I believe. None of them have ever seen me act before so it’s going to be interesting to get some feedback and I’m looking forward to some drinks after the show.

I’ve been desperately looking forward to the Christmas break for a well-earned rest, but strangely tonight on the eve of our last show of 2015 I feel like I’m already missing my friends in the cast. We’ve formed a little brotherhood and it will be very strange not seeing them from day to day. I do however have a lovely two week holiday booked in Gran Canaria which will hopefully keep me occupied.

Before I sign off I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Regents Park and all the cast and crew on the show. Especially to Tim and Liam who gave me this wonderful opportunity. You’ve turned 2015 around for me, and made it one of the most exciting and fulfilling years of my life. Thank you.

To everyone at the Park, and to all the readers of the blogs, I hope you enjoy all the festivities in the next few weeks.

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


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