Return to the Island (Anthony Roberts)

LORD OF THE FLIES by Golding, , Author - William Golding, Director - Timothy Sheader, Co-Director - Liam Steel, Designer - Jon Bausor, New Victoria Theatre, Woking, UK, Credit: Johan Persson - /

Lord of the Flies on Tour in 2015

I’ve had five weeks off, been on holiday in the Canary islands, spent Christmas and new year with my family and friends in my home town, and of course found time to see the new Star Wars film…

Even though I’ve been keeping myself occupied I still couldn’t stop thinking about the show, and my friends from the tour. For the last two weeks I’ve been constantly doubting whether I’m going to remember the lines and the blocking, which is silly as I’ve done it literally 100 times. I sometimes go through the whole show in my head at night before I can go to sleep. However a quick line run with my mum last week assured me that I don’t have dementia quite yet, and that everything is still where I left it.

In preparation for getting back to work I went for a run last week… I’m still recovering! Liam Steel and Jonathon Holby are going to destroy us in the rehearsal on Monday. I predict hours of sit ups, press ups, crunches, yoga, cardio then it will probably be straight into fight calls. Am I ready for it? Of course not, but I can’t wait. I need to get back to the show now; too much procrastination is not good for an actor.

I left Blackpool on Thursday so that I could come to London and spend a few days with Dylan Llewellyn and Luke Ward-Wilkinson, and it already feels great to be back. When I’m with the guys, and I’m working on this show, I just feel like I’m meant to be here, like I’m on the right track. Not that I want to disrespect where I come from, but when I’m on tour I feel a sense of freedom and I’m glad to be away from home.

I can’t wait for opening night all over again.

Here’s to a fantastic 2016 and a sensational second leg of the tour!


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