Some Stats So Far


Pyrotechnics on stage, Lord of the Flies Tour

As we are well and truly into the second half of the tour, here are some facts to share with you:

  • Thanks to our make-up department, we have bled 40 litres of fake blood
  • With all the pyrotechnics, we have used over 550 flame torch cartridges
  • Matthew Castle (Roger) has smashed up 222 conches
  • 222 packets of Monster Munch have been disgarded on stage as they were pickled onion flavour
  • Anthony Roberts (Piggy) has munched through 222 bananas

And we’ve still got almost two months left to go!

One response to Some Stats So Far

  1. Sylwia

    Me and my daughters (9 and 13) have just seen the show in Guildford tonight. I only wanted to say what an amazing job you all did! We were mesmerised and totally admiring how you, all actors, played, and how the show was prepared, presented. The acting was easily the best acting we have seen, ever. And we go to the theatre a lot. Your acting made us feel as if we were in the middle of the action. I am really impressed, you guys are truly great actors, and I’m very happy we could have this experience tonight.


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