Thank You

Lord of the Flies Tour. Photo Johan Persson.

Lord of the Flies Tour. Photo Johan Persson.

From everyone at the Park a big thank you to the Lord of the Flies cast, the production team and to audiences across the UK and Ireland who have made this tour such a success.

★★★★★ “Surely one of art’s greatest joys is to watch youth exploring their talent. In Lord of the Flies, they unleash it in a way that leaves in no doubt you are seeing future stars in the making” Essential Surrey 

“The huge set is a masterpiece and an absolute triumph for the production as it easily brings the audience into the story through its vast and eerie presence.” Two Tribes

★★★★★ “Sheader and his large ensemble cast have created a thrillingly timeless look at Golding’s parable of corrupted civilisation which suggests that barbarism really does begin at home.” Scottish Herald

★★★★★ “This was petrifying entertainment and the boys delivered the powerful performances of their young lives.” Birmingham Whats On

“In a word – Wow.” Get Bucks

“Add to that the acting genius of the Regent’s Park Theatre cast and what unfolded on the Bord Gais Theatre stage was a gripping, disturbing and violently nightmarish rollercoaster ride into all-out savagery.” Irish Mirror

“Challenging and heart-wrenching, it is a triumph.” Swindon Advertiser

★★★★ “The grease, blood and smears of survival in a humid jungle were well presented by the make-up and wardrobe crew.” Liverpool Echo

★★★★ “Packed with action, flair, passion, energy and downright superb erudition” Purple Revolver

★★★★★ “This production is a triumph – catch it while you can for an unforgettable experience.” Hinkley Times

The tour of Lord of the Flies has now come to an end, but we will be launching a brand new tour in September 2016 with our sell-out 2013 production of Pride and Prejudice. Tour dates to be announced shortly.

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