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Lord of the Flies Tour. Photo Johan Persson.

Lord of the Flies Tour. Photo Johan Persson.

From everyone at the Park a big thank you to the Lord of the Flies cast, the production team and to audiences across the UK and Ireland who have made this tour such a success.

★★★★★ “Surely one of art’s greatest joys is to watch youth exploring their talent. In Lord of the Flies, they unleash it in a way that leaves in no doubt you are seeing future stars in the making” Essential Surrey 

“The huge set is a masterpiece and an absolute triumph for the production as it easily brings the audience into the story through its vast and eerie presence.” Two Tribes

★★★★★ “Sheader and his large ensemble cast have created a thrillingly timeless look at Golding’s parable of corrupted civilisation which suggests that barbarism really does begin at home.” Scottish Herald

★★★★★ “This was petrifying entertainment and the boys delivered the powerful performances of their young lives.” Birmingham Whats On

“In a word – Wow.” Get Bucks

“Add to that the acting genius of the Regent’s Park Theatre cast and what unfolded on the Bord Gais Theatre stage was a gripping, disturbing and violently nightmarish rollercoaster ride into all-out savagery.” Irish Mirror

“Challenging and heart-wrenching, it is a triumph.” Swindon Advertiser

★★★★ “The grease, blood and smears of survival in a humid jungle were well presented by the make-up and wardrobe crew.” Liverpool Echo

★★★★ “Packed with action, flair, passion, energy and downright superb erudition” Purple Revolver

★★★★★ “This production is a triumph – catch it while you can for an unforgettable experience.” Hinkley Times

The tour of Lord of the Flies has now come to an end, but we will be launching a brand new tour in September 2016 with our sell-out 2013 production of Pride and Prejudice. Tour dates to be announced shortly.

What I’ve Learned (Freddie Watkins)

Freddie Watkins in rehearsals and on stage in Lord of the Flies.

Freddie Watkins in rehearsals and on stage in Lord of the Flies.

So we’ve returned, quite poetically (or pretentiously, whichever you prefer) full circle to London, Bromley. I can say without a doubt this has been one of the most formative and educational experiences I’ve ever had. Not only in the honing of a profession I hold dear, but also in a strange sort of physical/mental adaptation

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Reaching the End (Luke Ward-Wilkinson)

Luke Ward-Wilkinson in rehearsals and on stage in Lord of the Flies.

Luke Ward-Wilkinson in rehearsals, and on stage, in Lord of the Flies.

Heading back from Newcastle to London for the final week of the tour was strange and felt nostalgic. Passing by familiar cities, and even ones not quite on the route: Edinburgh, Salford, Liverpool, Birmingham and Leicester, evoked a sentimental feeling deep within myself.

The excitement of performing in a different theatre, in a new city, every week has never faltered

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Best Bit About Touring (Fellipe Pigatto)

Fellipe Pigatto as Eric, and Thiago Pigatto as Sam backstage on the Lord of the Flies Tour.

Fellipe Pigatto as Eric, and Thiago Pigatto as Sam backstage on the Lord of the Flies Tour

One of the best parts of touring the UK is, not only performing in amazing venues, but being able to visit a different art gallery every week. So far, we have performed in sixteen different venues, in 15 different cities; that’s a lot of art and history to absorb!

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Return to the Island (Anthony Roberts)

LORD OF THE FLIES by Golding, , Author - William Golding, Director - Timothy Sheader, Co-Director - Liam Steel, Designer - Jon Bausor, New Victoria Theatre, Woking, UK, Credit: Johan Persson - /

Lord of the Flies on Tour in 2015

I’ve had five weeks off, been on holiday in the Canary islands, spent Christmas and new year with my family and friends in my home town, and of course found time to see the new Star Wars film…

Even though I’ve been keeping myself occupied I still couldn’t stop thinking about the show, and my friends from the tour

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The Tour Continues (Yossi Goodlink)

Yossi Goodlink as Bill in Lord of the Flies

Yossi Goodlink as Bill in Lord of the Flies

My name is Yossi Goodlink and I play Bill in Lord of the Flies. I’m currently on my week off which, so far, has been spent purely sleeping and recovering. Our production is so physically demanding that the majority of us are constantly battling minor injuries, even now, a quarter of the way through the tour. It really does feel like I’m living two lives at the moment

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